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Posted by Jesse Brady

A queue of women forms during the morning hours outside Bayalpata Hospital’s Antenatal Care (ANC) Department. Expecting mothers generally make hospital visits during months 4, 6, 8, and 9 of their pregnancies. Following the recent tiling project, the waiting area is a vastly cleaner and nicer place for patients to rest. The ANC Department will soon be further improved after wall painting is completed in upcoming weeks.


Jesse Brady is the Director of Research and Advocacy for Nyaya Health.  She is currently completing her MS in International Medicine while working at Bayalpata Hospital in Achham, Nepal.

One Response to “Picture of the Week from Bayalpata Hospital”

  1. Madhuri Mathema says:

    Lovely picture and the waiting area does look clean and women look fresh and happy.
    Thanks for sharing!

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