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Posted by Lindsey Youngquist

After Lindsey served as a community health volunteer at Bayalpata Hospital she painted these watercolors from her photos of Achhami people. The paintings were auctioned at the Nepal + Ball in Boulder to raise money for the continued work of Nyaya Health:
Kesari is a 43-year-old subsistence agriculture farmer focused on rice, potato, maize, and garlic production. She has two sons and two daughters, but treats every guest in her home like her own child. Here she pours two glasses of milk, one for her, one for her guest.


Lindsey Youngquist is a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar studying Community Health in Nepal.  She recently volunteered at Bayalpata Hospital in Achham.

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  1. Madhuri says:

    This is absolutely an exequisite painting!

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