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Dear Blog Readers,

Last week, you redefined ‘possible.’

You helped us, a small but tenacious and growing team, win 8th place of over 7000 organizations in the national Chase Community Giving contest by inspiring 20,254 votes in favor of health care for Nepal’s rural poor. That is no small feat, considering organizations with annual budgets of up to $10 million were competing. And as a result, we now have $100,000 more to invest in our work.

Nyaya Health team members celebrate at Bayalpata Hospital in Far-Western Nepal.

The data behind the campaign show exactly how ‘possible’ came to be redefined by your efforts.

In 2 weeks, 20,254 votes were cast, there was a 626% increase in those subscribed to our Facebook page, and remarkably, your efforts sharing our work over Facebook alone (not including Twitter and traditional media) reached 861,449 unique people.

But perhaps most telling was the diversity of support received, from partners like the Yale School of Medicine and GlobeMed to Nepali Ambassadors like Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha and Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Mahabir Pun to world-renowned health care leaders like Dr. Paul Farmer and Howard Dean.

And finally, we want you to know that hundreds of votes were cast, against extreme technical barriers, directly from our home in Achham District of Far-Western Nepal. Those votes were cast out of a gracious and humbling faith that Nyaya Health will deliver on our promises, and more importantly, out of a belief that progress is possible in rural Nepal.

Thank you for sharing that faith in our delivery and in progress. We will not take your redefinition of ‘possible’ lightly. We will deliver. Because that is the essence of ‘nyaya’ — not merely talking about justice, but realizing it.

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  1. Angelo Tomedi says:

    Congratulations on the award!
    I was hoping to read in this blog entry and announcement something about how the new funding will be utilized. Will that information be forthcoming soon?


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