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Posted by Roshan Bista

My third day in the office at Bayalpata Hospital was a special day because it was the third anniversary of the hospital, as well as the inauguration of our new surgery block and microbiology lab at Bayalpata Hospital, Achham.  It got even better when Dr. Paul Farmer arrived in Achham to be part of our celebration.  Before I met him I “Googled” him to read about his life, and I was immediately impressed by the way he has devoted his life to helping mankind.  He is a true source of inspiration to all the people from different sectors around the globe.  I agree with his principle of JUSTICE IN HEALTH, and I am happy to be a part of a similar nongovernmental organization (NGO), Nyaya Health in the district of Achham.  As a new Medical Officer, I have much to offer to Nyaya Health and to people of Achham.  I grew up in a remote village of Achham called Totkesaal, and I remember how hard it is to live in a remote place like this.  Now I have come here as a doctor to offer the best care I can provide to the people of Achham.  It was a great moment today to meet Paul Farmer and to talk to him.  It was really encouraging to walk with him during medical rounds and to learn from him.  I dream to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Farmer and to help Nyaya Health provide Justice in Health throughout Nepal.


Dr. Roshan Bista graduated from the Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu with an MBBS. He is currently the Medical Officer at Nyaya Health.

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  1. MADHURI says:

    Dr. Roshan you are very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Paul Farmer. Trust you will certainly follow his food steps to make Bayalpata hospital a place where anybody in Accham could come and recevie a quality health care.

    I have listend to many intervies of Paul Farmer, read books about him and always inspired by his courage, vision and dedication to proved health serivces to those who otherwise would not get it.

    Good luck in your work.

    well wisher!

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