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Dear Readers,

Mountains have become a metaphor for the challenges inherent in the work we do.
Surprisingly, that is not because we work in Nepal. Instead, it is credited to Mountains Beyond Mountains, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Tracy Kidder’s moving account of Dr. Paul Farmer’s quest to bring quality health care to the poor around the world.
We write with excitement today to share that Nepal’s mountains will soon become more than a metaphor for Dr. Farmer, as our Nyaya Health team welcomes him to Nepal for the first time.

Dr. Paul Farmer will join our team in Far-Western Nepal later this week.

This is an extraordinary honor and privilege, as Dr. Farmer and Partners In Health — a medical nonprofit he co-founded — have accompanied and advised our team for many years. Partners In Health’s bold efforts to offer a preferential option for the poor have been instrumental in shaping our own growth and trajectory.

For further reflection on the importance of Dr. Farmer’s trip to Nepal, visit the Nepali Times article re-posted on our blog here.

We also want you to experience and contribute to this trip alongside us, by following our live updates on Twitter using the hashtag #paulfarmer, and by sharing your thoughts and questions on our Facebook page.

Dr. Farmer’s visit will help us do as he recently advised graduates of Northwestern University: counter failures of imagination and harness the power of partnerships to improve the health of the poor.

That is a prescription desperately needed in Nepal, where the mountains are as mighty as any.

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Thank you,
The Nyaya Health Team

One Response to “Today we Welcome Dr. Paul Farmer to Nepal”

  1. Madhuri Mathema says:

    Congratulations for being able to bring Dr. Paul Farmer, one of the busiest docotrs in the world perhaps to the hinterland of Nepal. I hope his comng there will inspire many more young doctors and other health professional to contribute their time to the health of people in the hinterland.

    Dr. Paul Farmer’s dedication and work have always inspired me though I am not a medical doctor nor a health professional but a grassroots development worker with expertise in Africa where I mobilized community members village after village to improve the quality of education there.
    I would love to know more about the reaction of Dr. Paul Farmers to his visit as he finally witnessed the real mountains after mountains and poverty at the same time. DId he have a chance to meet with government officisal both at the district and national level? Did he meet other Nepali young doctors?

    Thank you.

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