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Posted by Ashma Baruwal

 [The following post was adapted from the community health report for the month of Baisakh, which spans from the middle of April to the middle of May on a Gregorian calendar.]

 This month, program development included the design of a family health program, menstrual hygiene workshop, and a high school health education program.  The family health program includes weekly household visits, and will begin in the next week in Ridikot.  The menstrual hygiene workshops and health education classes will be conducted on a monthly basis in schools in the Bayalpata catchment area starting next week.

Bayalpata’s community health worker (CHW) program has been extended to the village development committees (VDCs) of Nauathana and Gajra, increasing the hospital’s catchment areas to a total of 9 VDCs.  The CHW training program this month included a workshop on dental hygiene, conducted by Medical Director Dr. Bibhusan Basnet, as well as trainings on household treatment and care of burns, diarrheal care, and basic sanitation and hygiene.

The highlight of the month was a community-wide teaching at the Bayalpata Bazaar on May 12th.  This event was the first of its kind to be conducted by the hospital.  Outreach efforts included education on general nutrition, hand-washing techniques, menstrual hygiene, and fortified flour (lito). A skit on chhaupadi (isolated menstruation), which was well-received by the community.  Similar outreach programs are planned to occur approximately every three months as we move forward.


Ashma Baruwal is a MPH graduate from Chulalongkorn University,Thailand. She is currently the Associate Director of Community Health for Nyaya Health.

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  1. Renu Sakya says:

    I have always wanted to read Ashma write since the day I have heard that she is with Nyaya team, it’s precisely well written report depicting sharp impact. The ways of Nyaya people are always innovative and this leaves me awe stricken, my heart flies back to Aacham to work for a cause with Nyaya!

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