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Posted by Payel Gupta

Drs. McKellar and Goodman teaching the Nyaya Health team in Achham (March 2012)

Ultrasound is an excellent and portable technique which allows healthcare professionals to identify abnormalities within the human body.  Ultrasound is used to visualize muscles, tendons, and many internal organs, as well as to capture their size, structure, and any pathological lesions in real time images.  It provides a great tool for use during various procedures.  Without imaging studies like CT scans and MRIs, the use of ultrasound is critical for the Doctors at Bayalpata Hospital.

The Health Assistants and Doctors at Bayalpata Hospital have learned many ultrasound techniques from various physicians who have volunteered in Achham.  They are currently using ultrasound on a daily basis for their obstetrics clinic and also in the emergency room.


The red screen shown inthis picture indicates abnormal functioning of the ultrasound machine.

For the next couple of weeks we are fortunate to have Dr. Angela McKellar and Dr. Mark Goodman here from the University of Utah to teach various ultrasound techniques.  Unfortunately, as we began our ultrasound lectures, we came to realize that the ultrasound machine we currently have at Nyaya Health is on its last legs.

We hope that it will at least last as long as Drs. McKellar and Goodman are here so that they can continue to teach ultrasound techniques and help to diagnose and treat patients with this incredible tool.   In the meantime, making sure that we have this useful machine in Achham is one of our highest priorities.


Dr. Payel Gupta is an Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics trained Allergist who has a strong interest in global healthcare.  She is currently volunteering as the Director of Clinical Operations at Bayalpata Hospital

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