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Posted by Minoo Ramanathan

Clinical and data staff worked very hard, late into the night, to successfully assemble Bayalpata Hospital's first infant warmer. This piece of equipment will enable Bayalpata Hospital to provide care for premature or unstable newborns, which is hoped to reduce infant morbidity and mortality in the region of Achham.


Minoo is a recent graduate of Brown University. She is currently the Executive Assistant for Nyaya Health.

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  1. manisha pantha says:

    This was one of the tangible requirement for the hospital. I remember the time, when i was working as a volunteer Nurse in Bayalpata hospital, we had to use 100 volt of lamp to provide considerably warm environment to the new born. Undoubtedly, having this warmer, in the hospital will definetly enhance the effictiveness in a new born care.

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