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Posted by Dan Schwarz

Nyaya’s team is composed of an impressive array of over 100 staff members in Achham, and countless volunteers around the world.  Our Country Director, Gregory Karelas, acts as the fulcrum for all of our operations in Achham, coordinating the work of both our Achhami staff and international volunteers.  Despite this, his day-to-day life remains an enigma to many, so we thought we would spend a day documenting just some (though not even close to all) of the activities that occupy his time.

Please see below a slideshow that documents a usual day in Gregory’s life from dawn until (well past) dusk.  Our hats go off to him for his continued dedication, and the passion that drives his work for the people of Achham.


Dan Schwarz is the member of the Board of Directors and a medical student at Brown University School of Medicine. He completed his MPH at the Harvard School of Public Health.

2 Responses to “A Day in the Life: Nyaya Health Country Director, Gregory Karelas”

  1. Dr.Roshan Bista says:

    Great job to mankind.Hats off to your dedication.I m really impressed by the way Nyaya Health is serving people from a remote place like Achham.

  2. Rosemary V. says:

    Hi Gregory,
    The photos are a great way to get the message out about your good work! Just saw your Mom yesterday for the boys’ 5th – yes, that’s right 5th – bday, & I know how unbelieveably proud she is of the good work you are doing. Also, she had just ret from S.F where she had a ball with Andreas for her bday. I know you’ll see them both in May & she’ll be in 7th heaven. Keep up the good work ther!
    Love, J&R

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