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Posted by Tess Panizales

Huijan Kamal, Health Aide talks to an elderly patient outside the outpatient department (OPD). Huijan's role in the OPD is to maintain order and organization as the volume of patients presenting to the department and waiting to be evaluated builds up outside the waiting area shed. The OPD sees approximately 150 patients per day. The Nepali woman wanted to know when she will be seen next considering that she missed her prior months routine appointment.


Tess Panizales is the Quality Program Manager of the Department of Surgery at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Center for Surgery and Public Health.


2 Responses to “Picture of the Week from Bayalpata Hospital”

  1. Dr.Amir Bista says:

    This photo really made my day. I feel very happy to see the photo of the lady and to see that she is still alive. She was one among the first patients i saw in the emergency. Most of you may not know the reason why she is asking the OPD attend to let her talk with the clinicians. She is suffering from a terminal illness (malignancy) and has a tube inserted in the urinary bladder through the abdominal wall as the mass lesion is preventing her from voiding urine through the urethra. She has to get the tube changed every 3 weeks and has to get the tube cleaned every alternate days. But there is no one to accompany her to the clinic and she always requests different family members and relatives to take her to the clinic. So she manages to get atleast a person a week and comes for cleaning and dressing the tube atleast every 7-8 days. If she gets a late appointment then she will not be able to return home the same day and she fears that the person accompanying her may get bored and may not help her next time.
    There are hundreds of stories in the remote hospitals where lack of fast service hampers the proper utilization of the health facilities.

    So, help to strengthen the hospital, however you can.
    Thanks to every one who have helped the hospital and the people of achham in any way possible.

  2. tess says:

    She captured my attention because of her graceful persistence … and now I know the reason behind it. Such a wonderful link you have provided, making us understand and value the truth that only the person experiencing the ‘journey’ can meaningfully elucidate.

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