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Posted by Jesse Brady

Bayalpata Hospital's delivery room. Many deliveries have occurred in this delivery room since it's opening. It is equipped with the the most basic medical equipment necessary to ensure safe and effective maternal and child care. Upon completion of the surgical theater and implementation of surgical services at Bayalpata, cesarean sections and emergency obstetrical procedures will also be available for mothers in Achham.



 Jesse Brady is the Blog Editor of Nyaya Health and is currently pursuing her MS in International Medicine at Montana State University.

One Response to “Picture of the Week from Bayalpata Hospital”

  1. Lynne says:

    Your picture combined with the very sad story from Duncan Maru the day before about the Mother who lost her child weighs very heavy on my heart. It points out just how much most of us have come to expect with regard to our health care and how little others in the world look forward to. I can’t imagine walking barefoot to get to the delivery room sometimes up to 12 hours, and then to leave with your dead child in a bag to take home. I know as a society we can do better, however, we need to bring these pictures and stories together to bring light to a situation that as a society we can not ignore. Thank you for putting a picture to the stories and making it real for the rest of us.

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