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Posted by Jason Andrews

The staff of Bayalpata Hospital and our community, led by Dr. Amir Bista and Megha Giri, celebrated World AIDS Day with a host of festivities.  This included a dramatic enactment of the pathogenesis of HIV infection in which staff acted as the host, virus, CD4 count and opportunistic infection, as well as patient education sessions led by Taraman Kunwar (HA), Uday Kshatriya (HA) and Urmila Basnet (ANM).  In the evening, Dr. Amir and Meghaji led a beautiful and inspiring candle-lit vigil to commemorate the epidemic.  This was an important day for staff at Bayalpata Hospital and the local community to remember lives lost in the epidemic, acknowledge ongoing struggles, and plan for future successes in this long fight.  We invite our friends and partners around the world to view photos from World AIDS Day at Bayalpata Hospital and share their thoughts and reflections:

In Solidarity,

the Staff of Bayalpata Hospital

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